No Auto-sync in 'Online First'

Issue description:

Symfonium version: 5.7.0
Jellyfin: 10.8.10

A new version of Symfonium (5.7.0) was released today. Previously, every time I opened my “Gaming” “Online First” playlist, it would automatically start a sync and check for any changes, however, that no longer seems to be the case. I believe it might of synced once, but then stopped. I can still manually sync, but there is no longer an auto-sync.

I’ve rebooted Symfonium, my phone, and the Jellyfin server. The server has one additional track (Let Go track #615), and the client never starts a sync automatically.

Is this an intended feature with the non-read only playlists?

Thank you.

The sync did start the server returned a list of 615 tracks and the 615 tracks were properly added to the playlist.

I do not see a track named Let Go in the server data list.

The log file is too big to attach, so here is a Google Drive link:

Over the past few hours, I’ve tested the sync with no issues. However, when removing a track the playlist will no longer sync. I believe it fixes itself after 30 minutes to an hour as this morning everything was working fine.

Additionally, when removing a track, I have to press the three dots and then remove about ten times for it to disappear on the playlist. After which the playlist will stop syncing. I’ve tested this by adding a track on the jellyfin mobile app and I can see it there without issue, but Symfonium doesn’t automatically sync it.

I can still pull the playlist tracks manually, but the automatic sync stops working for a bit, then it fixes itself overtime.

I don’t usually remove tracks from symfonium’s side so I haven’t used this feature in past versions.

Do you know if removing tracks from “Online First” playlists is working with Jellyfin on your end?

Thank you.

What do you want me to do with 300 MB log file without any precise indication of what I’m suppose to look for?
I’m not a magician.

Jellyfin does not support the playlist last modified time so it won’t sync more than every 15 minutes by default.

And yes everything works, if you remove a track from Symfonium in online first playlist then it sync the playlist with the provider instantly (You should have a message on the screen)

As it’s one the requirements for a support ticket, I thought you’d want the logs to help identify why I have to press remove ~10 times to remove a track. Doesn’t really bother me, but I thought it was an issue you might wanted to know of.

I also thought the failure to auto-sync was an issue, until you told me of the fifteen minute backwards sync with Jellyfin. There is no indication of this on the UI and I couldn’t find any documentation on it, so I had to assume failure to auto-sync was a bug. That’s why I put in this ticket. This also explains why push the local Symfonium playlist to Jellyfin doesn’t take effect… it will after fifteen minutes.

In any case, if a backwards sync is not in-progress, server-client syncs were fine without issue. And after fifteen minutes, backwards syncs go through.

This can be closed unless you want to look into why it takes multiple attempts to remove a playlist entry from a Jellyfin online-first playlist.

Thank you.

I always needs logs, but contained logs, with the description of what I need to look into them.

So yes logs about just the deletion issue and the name of the actual songs / playlist you try to modify.

Else you just throw at me a file with 300 000 lines and tell me to find a needle but without telling me that it’s a needle, just something :slight_smile:

Even with containing the issue, the log file is huge for some reason, so it’s linked again:

Here’s what I’ve got:

Playlist name: “Test”
7 tracks added from the Jellyfin server and synced with Symfonium.
Track to be removed: “Honor” (track #7)


  1. Start debug
  2. Navigate to playlists
  3. Open “Test” playlist (Online-First playlist type)
  4. Press the three dots on the track, “Honor”
  5. Select delete
  6. Repeat 4-5 until the track is deleted.

In the example where the logs are from, it only took me 2 “deletes” to remove the track. However, I’ve reproduced this issue with up to around 8 “deletes” using the same scenario. On my larger playlists, it’s almost always taken at least 7 presses.

The above image is a find all for the DELETE command. 104 hits…

The only thing I could find worth noting is that it might be looping? And if you search for “TotalRecordCount” you see multiple entries for “TotalRecordCount”:6 and “TotalRecordCount”:7. I have no other playlists with 6 or 7 tracks.


If you compare:

2023-08-30 22:12:57.332 Verbose/JellyfinLogger: ← [131]
2023-08-30 22:12:57.426 Verbose/JellyfinLogger: ← [370]

[131] is much smaller in size (in characters on the line), and it goes over all the playlists’ basic information. Here the record count is 6.

In [370] it goes through all the tracks and details information. Here the record count is 7.

I don’t know if any of this is helpful or not. Logs aren’t showing any errors from what I can tell. We might need to wait to see if more users report this issue… or not, it may be something on my side.

Thank you.

Ok so the issue here is that for an unknown reason your playlists keeps syncing in the background so when the delete command run the playlist was already replaced and the delete fails.

So globally all works as expected.

The issue is about repeated sync that should not happens. Can you describe more what you do in the app? Did you forced a sync, or force synced other playlists, or anything at all so I can try to find how you reach that state?

Ok so I actually was able to reproduce, there’s a small possible race due to Jellyfin not supporting a last modified value for playlists.

Should be fixed in next release.

Oh, excellent, thank you.

I was running out of ideas for testing without nuking Symfonium and starting from scratch.