Resuming audiobook, album, playlist

Symfonium allows resuming of your media at their last position.

Unlike simple local only audio book apps, Symfonium can connect to many different media providers and remote players, so when the application is killed by the OS in the background the current queue is not automatically restored (As the player or the media provider need is often different when you restart the application). But resume points are always up to date when you stop or pause playback.

To resume playback there’s a few different possibilities.

  • You can enable new rows in the home screen for albums with resume points and songs with resume points to always see the last played items. (There’s already a last played row, but it can contains media fully played too).

  • You can change the default song action in the settings to resume, so that when you click on a song with a resume point it will automatically resume it and not start from the start.

  • Albums and playlist have a Resume button in the header to easily resume them.

  • The 3 dots menu of items will have a resume option if there’s a saved resume point.