Random songs only play static until skipped or forwarded

I love the app - thank you for building it.

Issue description:

I am having a problem where random songs will only play as a buzzing/static. If I skip to another song and return to the problematic song or move to a later part of the same song then everything sounds fine.

This issue occurs whether I am using the speaker, android auto, or bluetooth headphones. It occurs randomly every 4-5 songs. I only listen to offline tracks. The problem is similar to the one described here: https://support.symfonium.app/t/bluetooth-audio-replaced-with-no-noise-static-on-rare-song-start/2501
but I am using stock android 14 on a pixel 6a rather than a custom ROM.

I have tried toggling the following settings “expert equalizer mode”, remember last render", “prefer internal decoder”, “transcoding engine” and “local renderer Hi-Res” features on or off but the problem keeps happening.


logs: debug-20231201_200002.zip (147.6 KB)

In the time the logs were recorded, the issue happened with the tracks “Summer Sun”, “Flashdance”, “Infinity”. When it happened with “Infinity” I jumped forward to a later part of the song and it started playing fine.

Additional information:

Thanks for your help.

Please export your settings (not the hosts) then send them to me with password.

Got a 6a and never faced this.

The password for the settings file is: fish

So sounds like a bug in the phone vorbis decoder with the data the Jellyfin generate due to it’s inability to generate proper opus …

I’ll add vorbis support in the ffmpeg decoder that should workaround this.

Sent you a test APK.

The test APK seems to be working - I listened for over an hour and never encountered the problem. Thank you so much!

Good news, thanks ffmpeg team, without them I can’t workaround device bugs :slight_smile: