Question: Does Symfonium bypass Android downsampling to 48khz?

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There are apps like USB Audio Player Pro that bypass Android limitations and make it possible to listen to more than 16/48khz. For someone who values high quality audio this is very important. Does Symfonium bypass these limitations too?


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There’s no general limitation like that in Android it depends on your device. Hence why the logs are necessary … Most recent devices support usually up to 192kHz.

There’s no specific hacks, but they with AutoEQ profile and see why it’s irrelevant anyway.

What’s important is what you ear, if you can’t tell the difference then it does not matter.

@tisala, may I point your interest to this scientific paper that already in 2007 put proof to the fact that even audio professionals are not able to determine whether a high-resolution recording is played to them directly, or is downsampled to 16 bit / 44.1 kHz before playback:

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