Qudelix 5K USB dac support


I have a Qudelix 5K dac connected via usb to the android phone. The source audio is 44.1Khz but Symfonium is playing at 96Khz (as seen in the Qudelix app). On the other hand USB Audio player pro does play at 44.1Khz.

How do i get Symfonium to play at the source frequency?

Here is a screenshot from Qudelix when using Symfonium which shows 96khz.

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Log attached.

debug.log (194.2 KB)

Please can you let me know the best settings to use with external USB DAC (and not limited by android limitations) ?

id=null, mimeType=audio/flac, bitrate=1382400, channels=2, sample_rate=44100, supported=YES
downstreamFormat [eventTime=2.90, mediaPos=6.00, window=0, period=0, id=null, mimeType=audio/flac, bitrate=1382400, channels=2, sample_rate=44100]

Symfonium handle all it’s chain at 44Khz and have no control over what upscale if whatever that application shows is true.

and not limited by android limitations

This is not possible with Symfonium and most apps.