Progress bar not alligned properly

Issue description:

The progress bar, in the compact now playing player, is not properly vertically aligned.


I have shared the logs from the app under the nickname xcuze99.
[✓] I have uploaded the logs and related files.


What is your expectation regarding the vertical alignment?

Something like this, IIRC the app was already doing this and maybe the recent update broke it, not sure.

I tried to find that on previous screenshots only to find out that I seemingly never had the mini player background colour changed from the default theme colour. So my miniplayer and main menu bar always have the same background and I would never notice any misalignment :grin:

So Tolriq needs to clarify this once back from his Christmas break.

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The bar is properly aligned, it’s just that there’s some additional space below to account for rounding errors.
The additional space should be of the nav bar color in dynamic background mode, will be fixed.

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