Problems synching with Astiga

Hi. New User here.
I´v connected Astiga as a Subsonic server. Synch, a couple of times. I can acces files, and play it, using files option on the app, and navigatin through files tree.
But nothign appears on the app Album, Artist, etc…
With others subsonic players, It works automatically. I´ve used the compatibility option.

Please help. Than you! (505,3 KB)

The sync seems to take ages and never finish as the app is killed by the OS that does not respect Android standards. See if there’s details about fixing your OS for that point.

Ping @gravelld to know their plans on supporting search3 for fast syncs.

We do support search3 - are you referring to returning results for an empty search?

Within your app @Tolriq , why is search3 used for “sync”?

@gravelld we already discussed that in previous thread, yes it’s search3 with empty query.

It’s the only way to get all the songs without having to do 1 request per album.

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Just discovering Symfonium and Astiga — Astiga Community

@Cernunnos you should have asked for trial expansion, and I obviously can refund if you ask :wink:

@gravelld Just so I know can you confirm if you will support search3 empty queries or not? And if you plan to expose your server name and version in the subsonic answer so I can warn users and auto adapt?

@Tolriq The server name/version change is in the next milestone, due for deployment in about three weeks.

The search queries will take a little longer - we need to evaluate the performance implications.

From Symfonium users it will be a gain on your servers, a few queries versus 1 query per album. If you already support the search3 endpoint with values, accepting no values is faster in the queries and less database usage too.

@Tolriq would greatly appreciate a refund. Thank you so much.

Sad since Astiga will probably fix their server, but I understand that compatibility mode is really slow on some servers.

I’ll need your orderID.

Google play order ID
Número de pedido: GPA.3331-8700-4489-48519

Than you so much.

Received. Than you so much!

@Tolriq Just looking at the search3 work - do you pass a User-Agent?

I’m assuming you will be sending xCount and xOffset where x is one of artist, album or song. We’ll default xCount to 20 as per the Subsonic API. If xCount is ever zero, we won’t return any results of that type.

Yes I send a Symfonium user agent and send the count and offset. (But I can also do test with API testing apps so if you limit to Symfonium be sure to mention it) I split things so request artists then genre then songs per 500 batch to ease work on the server side as it should only be one simple internal query for each case and properly set the non used to 0 in the queries.
Thanks for looking into this.

You can install Symfonium and send me the trialId for a license.

Sounds like this should work then. I will probably limit it just for Symfonium initially.

Unfortunately my phone is probably too old as it’s not listed as compatible… I’ll maybe try installing it in the Android emulator or something.

Hum yes it’s Android 9 min for the advanced Equalizer :frowning:

It will work in emulator.