Plex - User account problem


i have a problem with the Symfonium app and the Login with my plex server.

I briefly describe my setting:
I have a plex server with multiple user accounts for different family members.
I wanted to use the Symfonium app so that every user can listen to their own audio books on their user account.

When setting up the app, I can select my NAS (Plex). then when I want to select account, all user accounts for all family members appear (see the picture). I can also select anyone, but I always end up in the same admin account, so that every user can see my audio book history and I can see every audio book history of another user.

Is there a way that I can log into my own user account and everyone else can also log into their own account?

My Log-file: (8,8 KB)

I had the same problem last year: Plex - User accounts problem


This part is strange. Are you sure that you are not just adding the host twice on the device ? From the logs the user switch does work.

Only other explanation is that Plex broke their V1 API and it was the reason it was no more possible to connect to servers with remote access disabled.

Can you try to join the beta on Play Store and provide new logs with that version?

Thank you for your quick response!

Yes i’m sure i’m only connected once. Do you mean the beta of the plex app or symfonium? The Plex app is already the beta version.

I haven’t updated my plex media server in the last 1-2 months.

Of Symfonium as I migrated some stuff in it.

Unfortunately I can’t participate in the beta because the beta is already full according to the play store.

can you give me the apk?

There’s no APK, beta expires and are Play Store only to avoid issues.

Next release is planned for early next week.

Thanks for updating today to 3.2.0. The problem has been resolved. I can play music again via every user myself.:+1:

Thanks for confirming so yes they did broke their V1 API. :frowning: