Please add a search bar for settings page

Feature description:

This feature request is not for any provider specifically. This is for the app settings page.

There are so many settings in settings page under different pages.

Its not easy to remember where particular button is located so i can change its setting.

So i have to open everything one by one and finally find the setting i was looking for. After few days I’ll forget where it was and have to do this all over again. It would be so much better if settings page had a search box where we can instantly type and find the settings button quickly.

Problem solved:

As i explained before its time consuming to find the exact setting we need to change by looking at every page one by one. Search box for settings would solve this

Brought benefits:

This app have so many customizable features. By adding a search bar it saves everyone’s time and they quickly go to the exact settings they need by searching for it.

Other application solutions:

Musicolet solved this. I can open settings and start typing and i don’t even have to finish it will automatically shows list of settings that matches that keyword.

Additional description and context:

Please add a search bar for settings its a very useful feature.

Screenshots / Mockup:

I will attach musicolet screenshots.

I added more screenshots but the forum won’t let me post it because new users are only allowed to attach one screenshot


Unfortunately this is harder in Symfonium that in traditional apps with xml based settings.

I’ve added a tree view as a temporary workaround :slight_smile:
Settings - All settings tree easy to search.


Would love to see this as well!

Will this be possible with Symfonium’s settings revamp?

There are indeed many settings and it’s not always immediately obvious where the desired setting would be or if it even exists! That would be a good addition, imo

It would be great if we could search the setting like in Musicolet. I’ve been using the app for a few months, but sometimes, I still need to search for some settings I have seen before.

But if that is hard to develop, can we have a link to the setting tree page ( Settings - All settings tree) in the setting page? Like the Help links to the support thread in the “About” section.
It can reduce “Switch to browser->bookmarks->find the link” to two taps (Settings->All settings tree).

When you press help at the root of settings it opens

And the link is right there already in the 2nd paragraph.

Last poster mentioned Musicolet.

Poweramp has it too.

I recognize it would be a coding nightmare for you, but I’d like to see it implemented also…

And Yatse my other app have it as already said, I perfectly know how it works in those apps, but modern apps not more store the settings and the settings interface in xmls :wink: