Playing a song in the artist pane should play all songs, not just the individual song

Feature description:

This is kinda similar to this I believe, though I’m not sure how or if it got resolved.

Essentially there should be an option to play an artist’s discography from any point of the selection.
Right now if play a song from an artist, the workflow is like this:
Artist → Top Tracks arrow → Selected song
This however only puts that one individual song into my queue; playback stops completely after it’s finished. Instead it should put the entire catalogue into the queue, similar to what happens when I select a song from an album (the album in its entirety, including the songs that come before the selected song, are put into the queue).
This is also in conjunction with the “Play” button at the top of the artist page, which I don’t understand quite frankly, as it seems to have the same behaviour as “Shuffle”.

Additionally, having maybe a toggle to have all songs, rather than only the top tracks, in the artist page would also be great, but that’s just me.

Problem solved:

Playing a song from "Song(s) from Artist Name) page should put all those songs into the queue, rather than only that one invididual song, just like how an album behaves.

Brought benefits:

I genuinely don’t understand the current behaviour and actually thought it was a bug. It saves a click when wanting to listen to artist’s music and is also consistent with the behaviour from the other pages as well as also from most other apps.

Other application solutions:

Pretty much all other music apps work this way (Shuttle Music, Vinyl Music, Retro Music etc)

Hope this helps. Thanks for the app btw., honestly the BEST app for my needs otherwise! Been looking for a nice and clean music player that also supports casting (and also UPnP, wow!) as well.

When you click on top tracks it shows all the tracks not really the top tracks, pressing directly play / shuffle or mix on the artist page does require even less clicks and do what you want.

If you click a track on the artist page it queues the rest. The other apps you name directly list all the songs with more or less success to apply filters or sort them.

Why do you want to click on the header then on a song ?

Same if you press play on the sub list it plays all.

Symfonium can handle song list of 1 000 000 songs without issues it makes no sense to queue them all.

Thanks for the response.
I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same thing here, or maybe it’s simply not working for me?
I’ve attached a video to illustrate what I mean.

Let’s say I want to listen to all of Queens of the Stonge Age’s songs, but want to start with No One Knows - here’s what happens:

I wasn’t able to post two media embeds, but here’s the comparison with another app for the same task:

Your description of your need and what happen including in all the other apps is the reason why it’s not here.

You say:

I want to listen to all of Queens of the Stonge Age’s songs, but want to start with No One Knows

Yet what happen in all the other apps is that if the song is near the end it will only play that song and those after not all of them, unless you cheat with repeat mode or things like that.

So it does not do what you actually want or expect. It just does something that might work for a certain duration or not.

What you want is some kind of configurable radio mode to do something when you select a single song. With many different possibilities depending on where you are to offer a proper default.
And that’s a complete different story.
There were a few discussions about those but I’m still not decided on what I can / will support due to limitation in metadata from most providers.

Hm, I’m just not seeing the upside of having it the way it is right now tbh. After all, I can replicate the outlined behaviour if I simply press “Play all” first, and then select the song from my queue and I could still run into the issue you described (e.g. by selecting the very last song).
In the end, we are already doing this exact thing with an album, why not make it work with an artist, or with the songs for that matter?

I don’t see how a radio would help, as that’s something entirely different, no? Quite frankly the current default behaviour just seems odd and I, personally at least, don’t see the use case for listening to one song exclusively :sweat_smile:
In the end I’d rather just listen to “the rest of the songs” and then have the playback
end than to just listen to that one song have playback end then.

The important thing is also the downsides :wink: Like queuing, handling and saving a 300 000 songs queue :slight_smile:

By radio it’s more automatic playback after end. So if you select a song it would generate dynamic queues based on the song and where you clicked. So it would actually play more songs of that artist if configured like that, or more songs of that genre, or more songs sonicaly similar if providers expose the data and so on.

Remember also that the song click action is configurable in the settings, users can disable the auto queue in album view and most important and set it to only queue the song on click.

So when then click a song it plays the selected song, then they press another song and that new song is queued. Not really compatible with directly playing all the artist, unless adding even more options and making the whole play system complex for the user.

Anyway I can probably queue the song in a list if the list is of reasonable size, but this is still not what you actually want.

Fair enough - I’m a dev myself, so I’m slightly aware of some of the limitations that could arise. Would in that case a dynamic/hard limit make sense? Say a queue size of max. n many items in relation to available memory? What would happen if I had a playlist with 300k items, as the behaviour there is like I described?

My main confusion came from the fact that when I’m on a selection (i.e. artist page, songs page, album page, playlist), the behaviour isn’t really consistent: the former two play songs individually, whereas the latter two create the queue from the selection with my desired outcome.

Essentially something like this is what I had in mind in terms of implementation:

  1. User clicks on song in selected view → 2. view put in queue → 3. playback in queue starts from selected song

Lastly - I really appreciate the communication here, so cheers for that. It’s the first time in probably years I’ve spent money on an app again, because it’s just so good at what it does :slight_smile:

Artist page does queue from the top song list too.
Only generic song list lists (with or without filters).

The issue with very large playlists is memory and saving the playlist to still work after app kill as Android is a bitch about that :stuck_out_tongue: Worst would be that everything work until the save and then explode at the load leaving the app unusable until probably the user reboot his phone.

Anyway I’ve expanded the song click option no queue album to no automatic queue and enabled auto queuing on song list that comes from a filter with a limit to 10K songs.

This still does not fix your need at all, but may help until it’s actually fixed.

Symfonium is a good app because it fixes problems and needs, not because it copies existing mechanism that solve half of an issue and consider it done.

Just got the update today and it works just like I (tried to) described it :smiley:

Dropping in real quick to let you know I appreciate the pace and the change, cheers lad!