Continuous playing when selecting a song in 'favorites' and artist page

It would be cool if playback wouldn’t stop after a selected song stops playing, kinda like the radio feature in YouTube music.

Especially so in the artist tab, imo it would be logical for symfonium to continue playing an artists tracks when selecting a song in “top tracks”.

Why not for the top tracks.

What do you mean by songs in favorites?

When selecting a song from “favorite songs”, playback stops after the song is finished.

Basically the request would be to start a “song radio” of related music after the last song in the queue is done

Related music is an hard concept specially with the limited data some media providers returns.

What I can do in those 2 cases is queue the rest of the visible top tracks or favorites songs. I’ll keep the related radio idea but honestly no idea how to write something nice.

Having symfonium do that in those two cases would already be dope!

Perhaps related music could be a random selection of the same genre/artist/album?