Playback sometimes doesn't stop on Bluetooth disconnect

Issue description:

Sometimes when I disconnect / turn off my bluetooth headphones, Symfonium will continue to play music (now on the internal speaker). Usually it pauses the music (the expected behavior).

I haven’t found a reliable way to reproduce this yet, but it doesn’t seem to depend on which headphones are used.
Maybe it’s related to some backgroud services being stopped by the OS?


Issue happens somewhere around the last 30s of the logs :slight_smile: (822.3 KB)

Let me know if you need anything else!

I experienced the same thing today when explicitly testing that. Had no logs on though.

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Well from the logs the OS does not send the event.

I’ll see what I can do in next release but having BT events require a permission.

The issue started only recently, I think with version 1.11.0. Before that, I never had a problem.
Maybe you’re targeting a newer API version or something that broke it? Other “simple” and non-native apps like Finamp don’t seem to have the issue either, and I don’t think they have any additional permission :thinking:

This is Android there’s a million ways to do things and each depend on the OS version the compile SDKthe target SDK and many other things :wink:

Nothing have changed regarding this in Symfonium, I listen to ACTION_AUDIO_BECOMING_NOISY and log “Headphones removed”

You can see in your logs that it’s present a few times, and not near the end of the logs where you said it happened.

Unless BT devices also send ACTION_HEADSET_PLUG then it will require BluetoothA2dp.ACTION_CONNECTION_STATE_CHANGED and that one require permission on Android 12+ when targeting A12+

I see. Given that I’m running A12, is there a way for me to grant this permission?

This issue has become so annoying that I would like to downgrade to an older version. Is this possible somehow? I tried to install one of the beta APKs you shared in other threads, but they can’t be installed on a more recent version it seems (“App not installed as package seems to be invalid”).
Can I uninstall the app and the install the beta APK without loosing all my settings and playlists?

This is not possible.

Just wanted to note that this hasn’t been a problem with 2.0.0. So I’ll go ahead and close this now :slight_smile: