Playback queue isn't saved if app is FC

Issue description:

As I mentioned here, sometimes (when I wake up, when I update the app), I can’t recover access the queue that was playing last.
All other queues are properly accessible and I can resume them.
A workaround is to resume the album that I was playing, and usually it resumes back at the right track and right time in the track, but of course, it’s not exactly the same thing.
I sent logs via the app about 1 to 1.5 hours ago.
From the UI, here how it looks:

If you want more information, I’ll try to reproduce it by force killing the app (not sure it will also work that way, I’ll have to see). Otherwise I’ll have to wait for the issue to happen again.


Upload description: Two logs were sent at around 9.30am UTC+1

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Reproduction steps:



Media provider:

Local device



Those queues are empty so there’s nothing to restore.
The question is why? Usually it’s because of a stop command.

Enable the option ignore remote stop command to test. Else I’ll need a log reproducing the generation of the empty queue.

The queue is indeed empty at the point I recorded the video, but it wasn’t last time I played it.
The option “ignore remote stop command” as well as the “save now playing playing state” were both already ticked before the issue happened.

I will try to reproduce it!

I just reproduced it by closing the app from recents (swiping it up). Shared a log.

Ok so it’s race between the queue creation and it’s content saving. Will be fixed in next release.

That’s amazing, thanks a lot! Looking forward to it.