Resume Queue on Home Screen

Just a bump to say I’m affecting by the same thing. I realize that it’s because it’s a complex player, however I’m only a “basic” user as I only have a local library. But even for this use case, it seems that you offer the most complete package.
I sent earlier two logs (including one that made the app crash, just before or after sending it, I can’t know? Maybe it’s because I turned off debug mode just before sending it?), just in case it’s useful.
I can confirm my queue disappears after a long period of inactivity (e.g. next morning after sleeping) or if I update the app. What’s frustrating is that all my other queues are perfectly saved, it’s the only the current one which is not. Maybe you could add an option for people only having local music, or for people willing to take the “risk”.
Otherwise, I indeed simply resume the album I was playing, which is a decent workaround, although a bit less practical (and not satisfying if my queue consists in more than an album).
I did a screen record of the issue but I don’t think you’ll need it since you’re aware of this behavior.