Playback notification hides drag-and-drop buttons

Issue description:

I know I was the one to initially request the playback notification which is shown at the bottom on starting/queueing a track. But there is one issue with it: it hides the drag-and-drop buttons, and when dragging multiple tracks one after another, you have to somewhat blindly drag them after the first track. It is not a major issue, but somewhat irritating UI-wise. Would it be possible to remove the notification on dragging of another track?


I have a screenshot instead :slight_smile:


It’s always you :stuck_out_tongue: I hate you :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway you are lucky the fix in this case is simple draw the drop targets over the snackbar.

And I love you for your quick solutions to my problems. If you could only solve my real problems that way… :wink:

If you did not live in a country with impossible to pronounce language for a few millions I could have been your assistant :stuck_out_tongue:

I will start to put some money aside. :joy:

Btw the DE Play Store description is not up to date that will be 50K more :stuck_out_tongue: