Play button on start page plays last track on newly added albums

Issue description:

The play button on the album covers on the start page plays the last song on newly added albums - it seems like it is resuming the album.

Also in the recently played list on the start page, albums which have been fully played are started from the last track. Inwould expect them to start at the beginning if played until the end recently.


Sent via email:

The mentioned play issues are at the beginning after the sync. Near the end of the log is a testing of the workaround for the apostrophe issue (which worked).

You usually directly give more details with the album names and songs and everything :slight_smile: This is 4MB logs to randomly search :slight_smile:

Ok, sorry :–)

Newly added were albums “A kind of hush” and “Horizon”. Recently played was “Vorstoß zum Uranus”. For all of those playback started with the last track.

Logs makes no sense they show that it start the proper one then you click on the last song.

Can you record your screen to see if you do not see quickly the proper song first and if there’s no phantom touches?

I tried, but could not reproduce. This time all albums started from the beginning. Maybe it was a hickup. But I assure you that I did not click the last songs, and also they did not show up in the miniplayer for a moment. I only recognised that the last song is being played because the skip forward button was disabled.

I will observe further…