Persistent Sleep Timer

Feature description:

Sleep Timer would remember what you set your last time too and default to that the next time you open it.

Problem solved:

The default time for the Sleep Timer is 15 minutes which I think is a good time for most people but if for example I prefer 10 minutes since I don’t want it on for too long then I just change the time from 15 to 10. I have to change it from 15 to 10 every time I use the sleep timer since there is no way to change the default. I think it would be nice if it remembered what you time you put and kept it at that time until you manually change it again.

Brought benefits:

Even though this is a pretty small feature for something that doesn’t really take too long to do, I think it would be just nice to have to prevent from having to swipe and choose your time every time if you don’t want it to set to 15 minutes. Hopefully this isn’t hard to add either.

The problem is not about easy or not it’s about the proper default value for the vast majority of people.

Will see what others says.

+1 for remembering the last timer count

+1, I mainly use the feature in conjunction with the option to finish playing the last track to get a clean end for a listening period without manually stopping or deleting the rest of the play queue. Having to swipe from 15min to 1min to let the currently playing song finish and stop after that every time is an extra step that could be avoided.

Although I am currently happy with the 15min preset, I would support either remembering the last setting or having the default time configurable in the settings. I am quite sure this is a function most people use the same way every night, so it would be good if it could at least to a certain amount be adaptable to each user’s liking.