Orange and Blue

I created a theme for my own personal delight, but now decided to share it here as a showcase for something that goes a little beyond the usual tinted-black-with-one-highlight-color themes. The color choices might not be favorable for everybody, and the theme is not very polished, but I hope it inspires you to try out more contrasts with secondary colors.

Orange and Blue.json (2,7 KB)

I think the screenshots do not fully reflect the vibrancy of the highlight colors, but here you go.

Home screen with my customizations (no main navigation):

List view:

Artist view:

Album view:

Bottom sheet - smart playlist config:

Now playing:

The theme was planned as dark-mode only, but I finally decided to include a light version, which is massively based on inversions of the colour values (i.e. same distance from white as the dark theme has from black) for the backgrounds, while keeping the highlight colors, occasionally switching primary and secondary. It is even less polished because of that.



Very nice theme, also like your music collection.

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I would love a separate flair with “music collection” to see the music collection of other people and post as well if possible!