Option to switch back to previous progress bar design

Feature description:

I use the static progress bar (that’s a bad description, but I mean non-wiggly and non-waveform.)

I see the design has changed with the final version of 11, or perhaps the previous beta.

It’s not a big deal, but I preferred the previous design and would appreciate an option to switch it back.

Thanks for the latest release tolriq :slight_smile:

Problem solved:

User preference

Brought benefits:

Slightly more minimal and slick (to my eyes)

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Screenshots / Mockup:


Have you tried disabling the waveform and turning off the animated progress bar?

@samee, it is still a little different from previous versions.

The old bar looked like this:

Now it is like this:

(ignore the different theme colors and texts).

But I guess this is just a fixed Android progress bar style applied here.