Now Playing Screen Design "Semi-Minimalist" 😉

As you are still asking for NP screen input, here is my favourite design:

  • Leave the play buttons as is (skip back, 10s back, play/pause, 30s forward, skip forward)
  • Remove the bottom icons (random etc)
  • Move the three dots menu into the cover image (like minimalist) - this would also be consistent with many other views
  • Show the “swipe up” icon on the bottom to get to the current queue (like minimalist)
  • Leave current time and track length, optionally remove playback speed

Maybe there is a better name than “semi-minimalist”… maybe “uncluttered” or “straight” :grin:

Did I already thank you for this? Thanks, this is my new NP layout now! :heart_eyes:

No one ever thanks me :slight_smile:

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