Now playing / current queue

Symfonium now playing screen is (as most of the app) configurable from the settings, to better fit your needs.

You can change the style of the global screen, dynamic colors, the visible optional “lines”, the image spacing, the style of the slider, … Most options are in Settings / Now playing

  1. When available this icon displays the lyrics of the current media, or the chapter selection.
  2. You can click on this line to change the displayed information, you can also long press it for a quick action related to the current data.
  3. Optional row to allow 5 star rating. (See Settings / Now playing)
  4. Optional row to directly control the volume. (See Settings / Now playing)
  5. Open the current queue screen. (Can also be a simple swipe up anywhere on the screen).

Note: Long pressing play/pause button act as stop.

There’s also a few gestures supported on the image.

  • Single tap to play / pause.
  • Swipe up for the queue.
  • Double tap seek forward 30 sec.
  • Long press seek to start of file.

Example of a minimalist configuration:

Now playing queue

  1. Scroll the list to the currently playing song when it’s not currently visible.
  2. Toggle the player shuffle mode.
  3. Toggle the player repeat mode.
  4. Save current queue as a playlist.
  5. Load another queue if the multiple media queue option is enabled.
  6. Stop playback, clear and delete current queue.

You can also swipe right the media to quickly move them to the next play position.

And swipe left to quickly remove media from the queue.

For the swipe action to work be sure to reach the icon animation and haptic feedback.