Lyrics interface

Symfonium support normal lyrics and synced lyrics and can be accessed from the now playing screen. (Now playing / current queue)

  1. For synced lyrics, enable or disable automatic scrolling.
  2. Open the lyrics screen configuration page.
  3. Close the lyrics screen.


There’s many different settings allowing to fine tune the lyrics screen to your needs.

Press image at anytime to reset all settings to default.


The Preview part of the screen shows your changes in real time.

Text settings

You can configure everything about the font and spacing with the sliders at the top of the settings.

Center text controls whether the text is centered or not.

Interface settings

Show or hide the time position on each lyrics line and select if you show it before or after the text.

Show or hide the mini player in the lyrics screen.

Show or hide the song name and artist at the top of the lyrics scren.

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