No UPnP devices shown after Wifi AP change

Issue description:

Supposedly after a change of the wifi AP (wandering through the house), Symfonium does not show the UPnP targets anymore. Reconnecting the wifi alone does not help, I need to FC Symfonium.


Upload description: splinter-UPnP

Additional information:

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Reproduction steps:

 It is not always the case… :-/ Seems to me like some kind of caching issue? 

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Is this German?

Make sure all your APs support multicast and UPnP and do not have some settings preventing that to work.

That was just lazy typing…

I will check that, but I also have an app called UPnP scanner, and that app showed all UPnP targets properly at the moment Symfonium did not. Because of that and because after the force close everything worked again, I found it curious.

There is not much to configure, but all that can be enabled regarding UPnP and Multicast is active.

UPnP is complex and shitty. Another probable cause is that you have the random MAC address per AP if you use different SSID for example, and you have some ARP cache issues somewhere.

Be sure to use the Use device MAC for all your private local Wifi connections.

For some time I suspect that it might be an issue that I have two wifis (2,4 and 5 GHz) with the same SSID, but when the phone changes channels, the MAC of the AP the target is connected to is different, because the APs have separate MACs for 2,4 and 5 GHz…

I’m talking about the MAC that the phone expose to the Wifi AP.

And yes some devices have issues with same SSID for both bands, you can just use 2 different SSID.

Yeah, I know. That setting is correct on my phone.

Try to use randomized so to see.

Then I have no idea, but if Symfonium does not show anything then something prevent the data to reach the app. Even if the app would fail to send the search, devices should advertise too. And cache would make previous devices still visible too.