No or configurable merging of artsist and composers in the artist view

Feature description:

When importing music files from the file system of a local device, the “artist” view is not only populated with entries from the “artist” tag inside the files, but from the “composer” tags as well. When importing rock music albums, which frequently have different composer tag values for each song, this results in a long list that consists mostly of composer sets, and the actual artist names are hard to find among them. I understand that this behavior is by design, so I’m hoping for a user configurable option to switch it off on the user’s behalf.

Problem solved:

I can’t use the “artist” view, because it contains too many entries from the “composer” tag, which are irrelevant to me in this view. If I’m searching for a composer, I use the “composer” view.

Brought benefits:

Easier “artist” navigation in cases where the composers of an album vastly outnumber the artists (as it’s frequently the case on rock music albums).

Other application solutions:

Other apps I’ve used, like GMMP, foobar2000, and Poweramp show nothing but “artist” tag values in the “artist” view. To me, this is the expected behavior.

Additional description and context:


Screenshots / Mockup:

It’s actually already added after our nice conversation :stuck_out_tongue:

That was quick! Thanks a lot.

Thanks for implementing this! It works like a charm. Good idea to put this option into the filter menu.