Native Android TV app

Feature description:

It would be awesome if there was a native android tv app, not only casting.

Problem solved:

Native TV app is sometimes simpler than casting. Casting can be tricky, sometimes it won’t show TV, sometimes it stop casting.

Brought benefits:

You wouldn’t need to have your smartphone to play music through Symfonium.

Other application solutions:

 Not provided 

Additional description and context:

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Screenshots / Mockup:



I registered for this feature. My main listen room at my saloon. Therefore my family all media things run on android tv. If this feature will come i am ready to pay because there is no any jellyfin supported proper android tv app in the market. Please consider the android tv feature.

I would love to get symfonium for tv, already a paying customer.

Already using this app on My TV for a while, using the remote is a little fidgety but has replaced BubbleUpnP nonetheless. A native TV app would be nice though…

I think native Android TV is a must considering there’s many people who stream music from their remote media servers.
I would gladly pay for app if this existed.

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