Native Android TV app

Feature description:

It would be awesome if there was a native android tv app, not only casting.

Problem solved:

Native TV app is sometimes simpler than casting. Casting can be tricky, sometimes it won’t show TV, sometimes it stop casting.

Brought benefits:

You wouldn’t need to have your smartphone to play music through Symfonium.

Other application solutions:

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Additional description and context:

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I registered for this feature. My main listen room at my saloon. Therefore my family all media things run on android tv. If this feature will come i am ready to pay because there is no any jellyfin supported proper android tv app in the market. Please consider the android tv feature.

I would love to get symfonium for tv, already a paying customer.

Already using this app on My TV for a while, using the remote is a little fidgety but has replaced BubbleUpnP nonetheless. A native TV app would be nice though…

I think native Android TV is a must considering there’s many people who stream music from their remote media servers.
I would gladly pay for app if this existed.

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All the subsonic compatible android apps I’ve managed to install (copying APKs manually to my android TV and installing that way) either crash on launch, aren’t compatible with the latest auth API, or crash when trying to play music. It’s insanely frustrating…

The only way I’ve found to play music from my navidrome server on my android tv is to install Kodi, install some random github project that adds the subsonic addon, but it’s extremely clunky and quirky.

I am using Symfonium 11.0 on my Android TV right now, works quite well all in all, had to Side Install though…

Can I get the steps of how you side loaded the app please?

Hi there,

Download the apk from

just copy this apk to a USB-Stick or similar, connect it to your TV, open it with a file Explorer( I recommend CX Explorer) and continue from there.

Keep in mind that you need to be logged on with the same Google account that you bought this app with.

Kind regards


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Thanks. Bla bla 20 chars.