My QoL improvements

I’ve had a bit of time with the app think I could make the switch from plexamp after the app has had time to mature–great!

I am putting a bunch of small requests into this thread:

  1. In now playing, display the codec of what’s currently being streamed (FLAC if it’s directplay or OPUS for transcode? Bits/Frequency too! Plexamp and Poweramp examples provided

  2. Love the carousel in now playing, but don’t switch songs until gesture is released. Current behavior has the song switch when the gesture/animation hits half way between items, when it should switch only when the gesture is released over the next song. Below is a mostly decent example of this in Poweramp.

  3. In now playing, add the ability to toggle off favorites/ratings, as well as the +/- time and skip track buttons, then feature the play/pause button to be a little bit bigger.

  4. Add a scroll bar for the Files view

  5. Filter out artists with ~4>x tracks, or albums with 3>x tracks. Blackplayer for Android does this very well

  6. Show album artists before albums before songs in search results.

  7. Show Random Album Artists in “home page overview rows”

  8. Add an indicator of some sort re: sync progress for large libraries. I have no idea what’s going on 80 minutes into the sync.

  9. The big one: wifi/cellular cacheing a la plexamp. Will we eventually be able to store transcoded files offline?

Thanks! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the feedback but please next time open different post for each features, I find Discourse really bad at following multiple sub discussion in a single thread.

  1. Now playing will be updated soon, I’ll check what the player I use report.
  2. This is how the component I use work, I’ve asked how to handle it differently, checking their code it’s not a simple change :frowning: Edit: Solution provided, done.
  3. See 1) Please open a different thread with all the now playing suggestion including design, I’ll probably offer different screens but I don’t think I’ll go to each button enable / disable state.
  4. Yes forget it Edit: Done
  5. Why not but no idea about the values, why 4 and 3 ? Edit: Prepared TODO: Define value
  6. They are displayed in the order of the top buttons, not sure people search more for artists than for albums, so no hard feelings but what if the next user ask the opposite, I usually base those decisions on numbers.
  7. Yes Edit: Done
  8. The indicator is present in the filter view (top right icon) But there’s no way a sync runs for 80 minutes, please open an issue with logs so I can see the issue you have.
  9. Bitrate on cellular and transcode for downloads are planned and internally here (not really the same, it’s not auto download based on playlist you actually manage this for a real offline first experience, not just pre cache) I’m just completely not decided about the UI due to multi provider approach. Kodi and Local device do not support those obviously :slight_smile: So a single settings may be perturbating. On the other end having a setting on each host makes it a lot less discoverable for those who need it and requires users to not forget it.
  1. Some artists (EDM, electronic) are present on only compilation albums or have singles placed on albums that have 1-3 songs. It ends up being fluff in the artists/album artists view and requires that much more time to find the more substantial artist I’m actually looking for.

  2. When I search for the Beatles or some other band name I’m returned a whole bunch of albums named “the Beatles…” and I have to scroll or press a button to filter out albums. I think it just requires way more work to search for album artists. Making this change wouldn’t impact those searching for other items.

  3. It does when your music album is 350 thousand tracks! I’ve had to start and restart the scan several times over the last 18 hours and it still hasn’t finished. I do have a bunch of 4GB log files though of "injecting " or something. I’ll upload some smaller logs soon. By indicator I mean some sort of qualitative/quantitative value.

  1. I understand the need, I’m more about the proper value, I don’t like random values and something different for artists and albums. I’m in to add a filter, just want to figure a proper consistent value.
  2. Easiest solution are not always the proper ones for all the use cases. One of the open questions I had about that screen was to keep the selected options for when you came back to the screen, or to have a setting to define the default ones. Thoughts?
  1. Unless you enable the sync more setting it should still be able to handle that amount of songs without too much troubles. (But without debug mode one, with debug mode the amount of logs will slow down your storage to abyssal perfs). For the detailed value for sync, I actually do not have it, I have no idea how much songs you have when I’m syncing the artists or albums for example. From experience it’s better to show no value than an value that will grow with time as most people do not understand. Don’t want to be like windows and stuck at 99% for ever either :p)

Regarding 5 (artist filter): I do have bands in my collection that have released one album with a single 50-minute track on it. So I don’t think it is generally applicable to filter out those artists. Filtering out compilation artists (which is the case you are describing) already works with album artists vs all artists, although that depends on whether your media source supports it or your files are tagged properly as compilations.

Regarding 7 (the sync): 350k files, holy moly… but my 42k files run through in 90 seconds or so, so it should not be a general problem. If you set the “automatic image cache” or “automatic offline cache” it might of course be different?

Regarding 6 (the search) I have no thoughts, I almost never use the search, as I know what I want to listen to and where to find it.

The filters are togglable like the favorite only filter or the smart filters when in, they do make sense in a few cases, no reason to not add them.

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Blackplayer uses under 3, I would personally prefer under 4 but will live with 3. As a toggle of course!