Multi-select in lists

I use playlists as a way to sort tracks that need to be deleted from the library on my computer or have their metadata edited. Once that’s done it would be useful to be able to multi-select tracks with a long press to delete them from the playlist.


I support the idea of a general multi-select capability. I regularly play some subsequent tracks of one album, without playing the album as a whole. Currently I have to drag’n’drop each track one after the other to add it to the queue. A multi-select and then drag all tracks to play/queue would be nice.


Would really like to see this feature implemented as well

Yup, would definitely find this useful.

I can see this feature used across the board. I miss this feature since I used it all the time in poweramp. Multi-selecting songs or tracks or albums or artists for different playlists or queues and what not.

I still need to figure out a proper UX to handle all the cases.

Long press is already used for drag and drop, while I have a solution when at the top of the list with a button in the header to switch to multi select mode, I still have to decide on a nice and proper solution to handle this when you are already scrolled down and in grid view (so without the 3 dots on items)

Great glad to know this is still on your mind!