Minor UI issues

Issue description:

I noticed 2 minor UI issues in Symphonium 9.1.0.


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  1. The device changer widget appears behind my system’s main bar (with the home, back… buttons). This prevents me from selecting the options behind the bar.
  2. Switching between the phone’s vertical and horizontal mode seems to mess with the song title’s position (in the UI page showing the song currently playing), making it off center.

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Why provide logs since all the messages says they are mandatory I guess it’s because they are not mandatory ? :wink:

Probably a duplicate too but well.

There’s no need to take that tone. I’ve uploaded the logs with the “Share logs with support button” and gave my username when requested. Hope it helps.

Actually yes it’s needed, because my time is as important as anyone else …

The wizard says:

Search existing issues (It is highly recommended that you first search for similar issues that might already cover your case.)

To open an issue or support request please provide all the mandatory data requested by this wizard.
Failure to do so will result in your issue to be closed for lack of details.

Not only you did not search, else you’d have found UI rendering behind Android buttons in some menus

But you on purpose check the box “I have properly uploaded the logs.” when you know it’s false, so lies and know you are lying and as so disrespect me.

So I of course could have just closed the issue and ignore you, but since your account is old, I decided to still take time to remind you your actions in an fun and simple ironic tone. Something quite nice compared to what you actually did.

So to resume your issue is indeed a duplicate and fixed in next release.

Does the issue you mentioned also cover the second point I reported with the off centre titles?