UI rendering behind Android buttons in some menus

Issue description:

In some menus, the Symfonium UI is displayed behind the standard Android buttons (Back, menu, etc.). When trying to press Symfonium buttons in that case, then the Android buttons get triggered, making it impossible to use the Symfonium buttons.


Upload description: ui rendered behind buttons

Additional information:

Samsung Galaxy S8

Reproduction steps:

One example where it happens:

  1. Library
  2. Title
  3. Filter Settings

Then the button “Add rule” cannot be pressed because it is behind the Android “back” button.

I added two screenshots: one show when rendering is fine and one shows the problem.

Media provider:





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Duplicate, Compose bug on Android 9/10 will be workaround in next release.

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Ok great, thanks! Sorry, I searched for it but didn’t find it.