Media provider offline message on some albums

Issue description:

While out of my home network, on some of the album overview page the message is displayed that the media provider is offline. But this concerns only some albums, and I am not sure why, as these albums are also in the offline cache.


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I navigated to both albums that have this message and those who do not.


The message is not related to the offline status of the media.

What happened is that when Symfonium start the media providers are in unknown state until it knows if it’s offline or online. Detecting offline can take up to 30 seconds, so you do not see the message at first then once it’s offline for sure you see the message everywhere.

Hm, I do not yet see the logic how the message appears. I observed it for a couple of minutes, this time it appeared on some artist pages instead of album pages. But not consistently throughout.

Does the message only show when connected to WiFi? I think I did not see it when in a mobile network.

The message is shown when the provider is offline. It’s offline when it’s detected offline after some time.

Ok so no in that place it’s not that, sorry, Google is pissing me off again, by blocking Yatse telling me that I do not give them an account so they can’t validate …

That artist have 0 songs so he is not considered offline cached as it’s based on the songs, so you can’t play it. (But in all cases play would have played nothing since no songs as we discussed earlier)