Lyrics sometimes not available

Issue description:

Sometimes a song has no lyrics even though they are embedded in the file. When I go back and forth one song the lyrics are shown again even when a connection to the server is not possible so the file was correctly cached.


Upload description: vrddjup5

Additional information:

After activating debug mode I didn’t restart the app because that fixed the problem for a couple hours the last time I tried.
If the current logs are not helpful please let me know and I’ll leave debug mode on until it happens again.

Reproduction steps:



Media provider:




There’s a million actions in the logs, can you clarify what happens when?

Or make a video that match associated logs.

That’s weird cause I only enabled logs for a few seconds. If I remember correctly I started playing the song (no lyrics available) and then went back and forth one song and then opened the lyrics.
I’ll try to get new logs later.

I just uploaded new logs (upload description: j2jdnddkkdms)
Here is a video:

How do you start the playback? Do you have some more details about how to repro ?

I started the queue via album screen a while ago and now I just start playback via notification or the player screen in the app.

When I use the skip buttons to get to the next song everything is normal but when I let it play to the end and the next song starts because of that the lyrics are missing

And it always happen? Or like it’s only the first song after a new playback session and possible a state restore ?

I have no idea how it’s possible since 10.1.5 so the more details about how to repro the best;

When it happens it happens to every song not just the first one.
I’m not sure if it started with the newest version since I haven’t listened to a lot of music while reading the lyrics recently.

And do you have any idea if you do something special to trigger this ?

Sadly no.
I just made another screen recording showing that it happens every time and for some reason two songs correctly show the lyrics for some reason😅
Every song has lyrics.

Edit: I also noticed that the lyrics button appears on the old song when it switches to the new song

I just uploaded new logs: wfh2rhbt2h2rh
The first two songs show lyrics the three after that don’t

Yes on the last video I’ve just noticed that

Seems like there’s a strange race somewhere, maybe with random mode. Can you test without random for some time to see if it happens too ?

Still happens without random mode.
Even after force closing the app

Ok so no idea will try to reproduce :frowning:

Maybe it’s a Pixel problem?
I tried it on my Samsung Tab S7 and couldn’t reproduce it but maybe I just missed doing whatever causes it.

I have 2 pixels, but yes maybe something specific you do, or some settings or something that will be hard to figure if you don’t remember :frowning:

I just remembered that I enabled “Add playback cached media to offline rolling cache” (unless that’s on by default).
I disabled it and emptied the rolling cache and now it seems to work fine. I’ll try more later but maybe that’s what causes it?

It’s happening again. I didn’t change anything and only listened while in the car.

After updating to 10.1.5b it hasn’t happened again so I guess you can consider this fixed.