Lyrics sometimes not available

That’s strange 10.1.5b is 10.1.5 :slight_smile: It’s a revert of 10.1.5a that was supposed to have a Compose fix, but in fact added even more crash, thanks Google :slight_smile:

So no idea why it would be fixed.

As long as it doesn’t start again I’m happy even if there is no reason for it to work

Nevermind I shouldn’t have said anything it started again. I didn’t change anything or updated anything.

Well I actually prefer that :slight_smile: But still unable to reproduce so not that a good news for you.

It seems to only happen when I’m offline and can’t connect to the server. At least it works right now if I’m connected to the server and as soon as I disconnect it doesn’t work anymore.

Edit: It started working while offline now​:thinking::sob:
Edit2: After force closing the app it stopped working again both online and offline