Loss of app functionality during/at the end of song

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i have a samsung galaxy note10 on android 12.

when i am playing a song sometimes the progress bar will get stuck, usually on 30 seconds. when this happens i am no longer able to play other songs, nor am i able to play the active song anymore if i pause it. when i return to the home page, everything says ‘loading’ & my media provider seems to be missing. havent been able to replicate this on other players, so im assuming it isnt an issue with my server. i have battery optimisation turned off in general & for symfonium. the only way to fix it is to force stop the app & reopen, until it happens again. using the app also makes my phone really hot, not sure if thats connected.

it seems similar to this post: App keeps crashing

but there was no solution for me there. please help :<


Upload description: loss of app functionality, android 12 galaxy note10

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Go to advanced settings and press Cleanup internal state.

it seems to be fixed now! thank you!