Looping playlists not working

Issue description:

  • After the latest update, playlists no longer loop once they have finished.
  • i.e. I have toggled the playlist to loop, however after the last song on the playlist finishes, the music stops and the now playing screen disappears
  • I have tested this on both playing music from a subsonic source, and music stored locally on my phone, and both have this issue.
  • I have also tested this on my phone and tablet and both have this issue

Logs: logs attached

debug-20220925_161339.zip (8.2 KB)

Screenshots: screen recording attached

screenrecording.zip (6.0 MB)

Additional information:

In the screen recording, I enabled playlist looping then skipped to near the end of the song. Once the song finishes playing, the now playing screen automatically closes itself and the music stops.

Thanks, will be fixed for next release.

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there’s a test APK that should have the fix.

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Yep that’s fixed the issue. Thank you

Sorry, this could just be a quirk of the beta APK but it looks like a different issue has popped up. Wasn’t sure if I should start a new topic since this is a beta and not release apk issue.


It looks like the loop/repeat setting isn’t retained when starting different albums now.

I’ve checked and I have the “Retain shuffle and repeat mode” setting toggled on



debug-20220927_144705.zip (10.5 KB)

Screen Recording:

screenrecording-2022-09-27-14-45-56.zip (7.1 MB)

In the screen recording, I’m showing that after I start an album and enable repeat, then start another album, the toggle is off again.

Don’t worry while it’s better to open new issue as I filter out the fixed ones, I dream that all users do complete bug reports as you do them :stuck_out_tongue:

Fixed in next release.

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Ahh ok good to know, and wow you work fast.

Thanks again