Replay Gain needs a second when skipping Tracks

Didnt wont to send you messy logs because of the Background Task, but Here the are

debug.log (60,1 KB)

Like i said replay Gain needs a second when you skip a song

The logs are not complete it lacks Symfonium / device details.

Can you try to enable the dynamic processor to use another engine to apply the gain?

Sorry i misunderstand, i tryed DSP but No Change. Internal entcoder does nothing too. Anyhow the DSP is Not working at all, when i Change EQ or preamp it does absoluty nothing.

Yes just saw your deleted logs your device is Android 9 it’s now Android 10 minimal as per the changelog.

Still strange that you can see the configuration.

I can’t reproduce the delay in the same mode as you this is quite strange.

Do you have a track with huge replay gain change and high volume sound from the start so I can better see if I can reproduce?

Well no can’t reproduce, in some cases there’s like 1 sample where the gain is not applied but never 1 second

Ok will send a Video if it helps, and i try it with my tablet

Hmm on my tablet it works normal

On your tablet you have DSP enabled?

Just in case it was caused by a really slow device and another issue please try attached APK too.

app-beta-final.apk (6.3 MB)

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On my tablet its disabled

The APK didnt Change the effect

Well not sure I have many solutions seems your device does not properly flush.

So… my mistake, the error also happens with my tablet.

Logs: debug.log (246,1 KB)

On the last skip it happend

The best way too repreduse is:

1: go to all Songs
2: start with remix
3: skip back and forth between 2 songs multiple times
4: See resuld (happens only sometime)
Here’s a song that’s loud at start:

It looks like it Happens only on flac Audio, Couldn’t reproduce it with mp3

Well as said there’s not much I can do, the Replaygain is applied as soon as I get the value and flush the buffers ASAP.

When you skip tracks early enough the next track by default is not buffered so the first packets are loaded and start to play at the same time the data is extracted.
This leads to usually one sample, but seems on your device a few more without the data applied.
The engine I use have no other way to handle this, and for the moment they do not want to properly support replay gain officially specially because there could be one sample without it applied (mostly in gapless) and don’t want to add something that is not 100% perfect.

If you where not using offline cache the playback cache option could have helped in some case as the cache manager prevent playback until the first part of the media loaded and so may trigger the data load event earlier.

Wanted too post it in Feature request, But could also be a solution for this problem: the option Crossfade. Possible settings: time between songs, fading in and out

And for skipping tracks a option for fading in or a timer
In the time it stops it could get the needed infomation.

Sry if I annoy you with it. :confused:

Can’t really make a 4 sec fade that’s too long. And the engine does not support crossfade.

I’m also experiencing this issue on a Pixel 4a, I’ve enabled the playback cache option to see if it remedies.

You mean also only when pressing skip next ?

I noticed it when tracks ended and the next track started.

Please open another issue with logs then. It can depends on a lot of different settings.

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