Higher delay before songs start playing, weird skip behavior with 1.10

Issue description:

When changing tracks in the app, the app takes longer to load the cover and start playing the track than it did on previous versions.
When quickly skipping multiple times, it will often skip back to an already skipped track once that is loaded, which is not what should be happening :slight_smile:


debug-20220926_073854.zip (42.9 KB)


A video works better to show of the issue:

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Additional information:

While I’m aware that this could be a server-side problem (e.g. slower connection), it started with the 1.10 update and would be a big coincidence.
I didn’t update the Jellyfin backend, and the issue also happens when connected via WiFi to the same subnet.
The new Playback Cache setting had no perceivable effect on the issue.

Let me know if you need any more info!

The cache setting have 100% to do with the delayed start as it must cache a part before playing to avoid races.

So the delayed start if you skip is normal and not much I can do, but the rollback of songs is not but it’s probably caused by it too and Exoplayer sending events in wrong order.

Okay. I did set the Playback Cache setting to “None” though, and even after restarting the delay was still there. Take 1-2 seconds before the correct title and artist is shown and playback starts. Do you need another log file for that?

Logs would have helped yes :wink:

Anyway I think I found the issue with Emby/Jellyfin slow answer to a call that was unfortunately made synchronous.

Should be fixed in next release.

For a test APK that should have the fix too.

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Yeah that seems to behave much better. When skipoing one or two songs the corect info and cover is shoen immediately and playback delay depends on the connection speed, and when changing a lot of tracks it can happen that it takes a second for the correct info to show; the cover is always correct though!

Thanks for the fix <3