Long load times of "Songs" tab and inconsistent search times

Issue description:

After navigating to the “Songs” tab it takes 5ish seconds until titles are displayed.
Searching within the song tab takes 11-13 seconds until results are displayed.
When searching for the same song in the global search (limited to song search results) it only takes 6ish seconds to display the same results.


Upload description: Long load times of “Songs” tab and insoncsistent search times.

Additional information:

Here’s a video of me performing the steps described above.
[Video Unavailable](website doesn’t seem to like embeds)
PS: I’ve fixed the space in front of “Stay All Night”

Reproduction steps:

opened Symfonium (only running app)
navigated to the songs tab
waited for songs to load
filtered for “red flag”
waited for results to load
changed over to search tab
filtered for “red flag”
waited for results to load

Media provider:




Ok so you are filtering some providers and that’s what causing the slowness. Will need to see if there’s some indexes issues.

How many songs are in those excluded providers? If they all have the 900k songs that’s probably the issue, as the song view does a count for the pagination and that count is slow (the 5 sec difference).

Those are my test providers for navidrome and lms, they’re both not running when I’m not testing and are filtered out as you said.

Been a while since I last tested navidrome, 829k there and 848k in lms.
Interesting. When I only filter for the lms provider, the song page displays songs after around 2 seconds. With only navidrome or jellyfin as provider it takes around 5 seconds.

Good to know. Is the longer loading time of the songs page the only downside of having such huge providers in the db but filtered out? I only use them for testing after all so I might as well delete them while not testing.
Would be nice to allow saving presets for providers tho (url/IP, credentials etc.) so that I could restore them quickly when I want to test.

You can backup the hosts and import them again existing hosts are skipped.

And with such a large database, excluding providers slow downs everything a little since it add complexity to the queries to do the exclude.

You should remove them to have everything be faster yes.

I did. That only shaved a second off the top tho. Opening the songs tab now takes 4ish seconds with jellyfin as the only provider left.
It’s odd that with only lms it displayed (the same number of) songs after 2s.

So the overall times are down to 4ish sec until the songs tab displays songs. -1s
8ish sec until search results in the songs tab appear. -3-4s
4ish sec until search results in the global search appear. -2s

Do you want new logs with only jellyfin as provider or are these numbers as expected?

The numbers are not expected.

You can force Cleanup internal state in advanced settings and wait a little to see if it improves.

I’ll need to try to reproduce with more data.

Maybe it’s because of the translation but I’m not sure which setting that is.

“Medieninfocache leeren”?

Interne Eisnt… auf… Thanks @splinter :stuck_out_tongue:

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After reading it again it kind of makes sense.
How long should I wait for it to do its thing?

No idea with that much of data :slight_smile:

15 mins maybe just in case.

I gave it 18. The performance did not change tho.

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So was able to trigger a slow db case at some point with tons of insert delete and very large data.

Next release will do more things in the cleanup internal state to better recover.

Try again the cleanup button with next release, it should improve things (But the count is still mandatory so the song view will always be a little slower on your large db)

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I’ve used that a couple times since upgrading to v10, I think the times have slightly changed (5s to open songs tab, 5s to search for “Red Flag” in the search tab limited to song results, however still 8s when searching for “Red Flag” within the songs tab).
Do you want me to create new logs, recreating these steps?

  1. Open songs tab
  2. Search for “Red Flag” within songs tab
  3. Change to search tab
  4. Search for “Red Flag” limited to song results

Also I noticed that there’s either a mixup in the translation or in the naming of the search tab.

The right “Titel” should be “Interpreten”.

No need for logs the difference is normal as explained.

Oups no one have seen this :stuck_out_tongue:

@Tolriq, your mixup or mine?

Since I’m the King it can’t be mine :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I guess it is time for a vote then… :laughing: