License missing or reported invalid by Google Play Store

Issue description:

When I open the app I got this error message that the license is missing. I have not changed anything regarding the Google account with which I purchased the app. I tried to restore the license but I got the same error. I restarted the phone and nothing changes. I am still logged into the Playstore and it shows that I made the purchase in Nov 15, 2022.

Logs: (642 Bytes)


Additional information:

Message: SSLHandshakeException

Does your phone have access to ?

Be sure to read [FAQ] Troubleshoot license issues

I have access to that page, yes. It says “OK”

If I click the Purchase button its says that I already own this item.

The thing is that I have been using symfonium all morning(and almost everyday since November 2022) without any issue. I have not installed any app or change any configuration on my phone today, and now I can’t even do a backup of the settings before uninstalling and re-installing. I’ll try later to reinstall, I’ll keep you updated.

You have access to that page on your phone Chrome without any SSL error?

Oh sorry yes if I enter with Chrome I have the SSL error first

Arf can you paste the full message?

Seems your phone does not support whatever SSL certificate Cloudflare generate those days '(

Ok so yes they changed the root cert and your phone do not recognize it even if SSL tests shows it should work on Android 5+ …

Will see what I can quickly do for tomorrow’s release.

OK, thanks. I’m on Android 9 at the moment. I am planning to buy a new phone next month but without symfonium it’s gonna be a loooong month :wink:

Yes sorry nothing I can as even the trial server will fail. Strange that your phone does not have the normal cert roots.

It’s a five year old LG V30. Still working fine with some hiccups here and there. Hope this issue does not affect a lot of people, your app is the best music player out there. At least Yatse is working fine.

I hope too and Yatse will have the same issue when your phone check the license and fails a couple of time until the grace period expires.

I’ll send you a test APK in PM.