[FAQ] Troubleshoot license issues

Most issues are tied to Google Play or users actions, please be sure to read all the following points.
If you still have issues contact support with your orderId (Can be retrieved from Google Payments)

Known In-App problems:

Multiple Google accounts

• If you have multiple accounts on your device, please be sure to install Symfonium with the account associated with the in-app purchase. The easiest way is to uninstall Symfonium from your device and then push the re-install from the web based Google Play Store on a computer when logged with the correct account.

Lucky Patcher

• It breaks Play Store licenses checks, so please disable all In-App emulation functions if Symfonium is telling you that the In-App purchase is not ready. (Uninstall is not enough!)

Ad blocker / Internet access

• Symfonium performs a licenses check over the internet on a regular basis when launched. Currently Ad Block Plus prevents this check from working. You will need to disable ad block if the license invalidates so it can validate itself once again.
• Check that Symfonium has internet access and can access https://genimee.com/test. Ensure that this is not blocked by any other security tool or firewall.

Play Store issues

• If you have just purchased Unlocker via the In-App option, it can take a couple of hours to be available on all your devices. This is due to how Google replicate and validate the licenses over multiple devices. Just wait a little time. If you go to the buy screen and validate that it says already purchased then reboot the device.
• You need to have data sync enabled for the Google account you made the purchase. (Android settings / Accounts / Google / App data sync)
• Play Store bug can be solved by enabling then disabling the Biometric authentication settings (Or the other way around if you use that option)
• The Play Store needs your phone to have a correct date, time and time zone. Be sure to have those set correctly.

Backup restoration

• Backup restored (From Titanium, …) license information can be incorrectly detected as an attempted license hack and will require license validation that can take some time. Please ensure that you re-install Symfonium from the Play Store each time to avoid this. If you need to re-install Symfonium, be sure to export it’s data first from the settings menu. (Not yet available)


• You can access your order history at Google Payments if you have lost the purchasing email.
• Licenses purchased on Google Play Store are tied to your Google account, so will work on any device using the same account.
• Licenses purchased on Google Play Store are tied to your Google Account and Google does not offer any mechanism to migrate your license to another account.
• Licenses purchased on Google Play Store are tied to your Google Account and will not function on devices without Google Play and that account.