Library not cleaned up after removing media sources

Issue description:

I removed both the local and Kodi media source. After that, all library entries were still there, but obviously I could anything anymore. I could also not clean or delete the offline cache. On the artist pages, songs moved around by themselves (see video).

Btw, I tried to sync the updated Kodi lib before I removed the source, which did not work. In Yatse the lib update worked fine, so it seems that was a Symfonium issue, probably too much testing :wink: I will clean all app data and start from scratch.




Video sent via mail

Additional information:

I’ve got that issue once, but I’m unable to reproduce :frowning: Something happens at deletion time that I need to find but I need the logs when it happens. (Yours don’t :frowning: ).

Will look again if I can find the root cause.

Yes, I only enabled logs after I encountered the error. I also think I saw that once before, but that was in alpha phase. But did you see the dancing songlist in the video? That should be an option for all lists :joy:

Yes it was slowly cleanup the data after you clicked the cleanup button.