"Last played" etc. per genre

I guess having things like “Last played albums”, “New albums” etc. on the genre overview is not an option, is it? I sometimes miss that now, although before I thought I would never use these functions at all :smile:

But I guess that would need a whole new overview page and too many configuration options, because in the next step I will want “Last played” only for genre X and “New” only for genre Y :joy:

Use smart playlists that allows all that and more ? :slight_smile:

Smart playlists - the Swiss army knife of countering every feature request :rofl: Yeah, I could. I only thought it would be nice to have it on the overview page directly. But as I said, I know… :wink:

Well there’s no point of allowing smart playlist there it would just be cumbersome to configure for no real gains.
Or as you said I add one or 2 options and users complains they want more.

Yes, it is OK. I just wanted to raise it anyway because you encourage that and it always leads to some tipp how to achieve the same differently :slightly_smiling_face: