Last played album disappears from last played list after sync with Kodi

Issue description:

I observe regularly (although without discovering the pattern) that sometimes the last played album appears on the last played album list on the home page, but disappears from there after a sync with Kodi. The affected albums are in the Kodi library but are being played back locally on the smart phone, and are also present in the offline cache on the device.

It seems Symfonium adds the album to the list locally after playing it, but that is not synced to Kodi or the last played list is overwritten with values from Kodi.


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The log covers the playing of an album, after which it was visible at the top of the last played list. Then I manually triggered a sync, after which the album was removed from the top of the list (it was still present lower in the list, where it was also before starting the playback).

Additional information:

Kodi has its own “last played albums” list, but that does seem cover only albums that have been actually played back on Kodi itself, so it is not expected that an album played in Symfonium locally does not show up there.

This is not at all how it works :wink:

Sounds like a Kodi change, they do not seem to update the song lastPlayed value when I send the updated playcount strange since the playcount and date modified are properly updated …

Yeah, I was just infering from what I saw :slight_smile:

It is just curious that for some (many) albums it works, and for some not. I thought yesterday if albums with a low track number are more affected, but that is a feeling only.

The difference is probably full sync vs diff sync.

After diff sync the album lastplayed is calculated from tracks but if Kodi returns wrong value then it’s wrong result. For full sync the album lastplayed value from Kodi is used. So that means that while they do not properly update the song lasplayed they properly update the album last played …

Next version will have a small workaround for the diff sync.

If it still happens with full syncs after reopen with full sync logs and exact songs / albums.

Ok, will do.

So do dou you mean that when I do the full sync now, the album should show up in the list properly?

I don’t know it’s suggestions if you say it works sometimes. Else it would never works.