Jellyfin playlists do not appear to be working

Issue description:

  • Jellyfin server (Version: 10.7.7 / Linux / x64) has a number of playlists that aren’t showing up in Symfonium.


symfonium-debug.log (13.9 KB)
(nb: I’ve redacted my Jellyfin server URL in the logs)


Your server does not return any playlist from it’s API.

Are you sure you are using the same account and that account have playlists ?

How are your playlist created?

I definitely have the playlists show up when logged into the same account on the web client and FinAmp:

The playlists exist as .m3u files in the top folder of my music collection and the ones that work with Jellyfin use relative paths.

EDIT: Seems to be similar to this issue, Imported playlists into Jellyfin can't be read

But I can’t even get the playlists to even show up.

Ok so there’s something special with the m3u will need more details about how to use then in Jellyfin and where to put them.

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@Aaron_Lloyd as expected in that other post I can’t reproduce, added a .m3u at the root of a source with some files in it and it’s properly visible and imported in Symfonium.

Do you think you can give me an access on your server to those playlist so I try to figure out what’s going on?

Check if it’s an upstream issue with Jellyfin by creating a playlist via the web client with one track in it so that Jellyfin produces a playlist shortcut. Then check again with Symonium

That solved it. Had the same problem. Playlists over m3u files are displayed in jellyfin, also in finamp. But not in symfonium so far. After I created a playlist in jellyfin, as described here, they all became selectable in symfonium too. Good job.

Would still be nice if I could have a way to reproduce to workaround :slight_smile:

Will try to start from scratch a Jellyfin server.

What version are you on?

Im using latest beta version: 10.8.0 (docker: @ ubuntu 18.04

symfonium 1.4.0 (618)

Ah: So when you create a playlist directly in jellyfin, a playlist library is created there. If this is displayed on the home page, then the playlists are also accessible via symfonium. If I delete this playlist library (m3u files still remain in the music folder and are available under the music library and there playlists) they are no longer findable by symfonium.

Just sent you a message.

Thanks can repro don’t apply the hack from here yet ') will look tomorrow.

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Ok, so the playlist node is effectively missing when there’s no database playlists …

I’ve added a workaround for next release. In the meantime as Daniro said, just create a temporary playlist in the Jellyfin GUI.

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