Intermittent Bluetooth Disconnection

Issue description:

I’ve had this issue for many months but have been unable to replicate it until now.

Audio will randomly stop when on Bluetooth. Phone will be either locked in my pocket (frustrating when on a motorbike!), or isolated on a table.

Pressing play/pause/forward in Symfonium is still functional but no audio is heard. Symfonium must restarted for audio to continue. I originally thought it was my phone, but other audio applications continue to work.


Sorry the logs are so big, but I’ve been trying to trap this error for a while.


Not really required?

Additional information:

Can’t access the log file.

Check you playback settings, if you do not use internal decoder enable it as a first test (Or the opposite)

My fault. I deleted the logs, but they’re available again. Size is 14MB but being told it’s too big to upload here.

I have turned on “Prefer internal decoder”.


I still can’t access that file without an account. Put them on a proper place or send by mail.

Hey Tolriq,

I have tested in Incognito and can access the file, so you should be okay now.


Yes I get it.

So the logs is very large but there’s no error or anything, if you were not using internal decoder before maybe it was some specific media that triggered a phone bug.

Let’s hope the internal decoder fix this, but I have no idea;

No, still the same. FYI - Android Auto seems to be fine.

Is it possible that this can be inadvertently triggered by switches between wi-fi, bluetooth?

Does your debug track these changes?

The log tracks wifi changes but I doubt this is that.

This really sounds like a BT issue on your phone, restarting the app (or reseting the player by changing some settings or casting) just triggers a restart of the AudioTrack and your phone probably start using the proper BT path again.

Hi Tolriq,

I purchased a USB-C to 3.5mm jack cable to remove bluetooth from the equation. I still get intermittent pauses in music, and sometimes stops completely.

The attached log covers a period when the audio pauses. “Tom Waits - Big Black Mariah” paused and restarted a number of times.

Hope this helps. (1.9 MB)

Well in the logs I see that the OS sends a lot of headset plug / unplug events.

Uncheck headphone auto play in the settings so that the app stops doing the play pause stuff. But this is not normal that the OS sends those events so it might still have some other issues happening outside of control of the app is Android change it’s routes or do other things internally on those events.