Inconsistent "Offline files" song count

Issue description:

When doing a full sync from a Subsonic server (Naivdrome 0.48.0), I noticed the song count is different in the manage offline files view (Screenshot 1) and the normal library views (Screenshot 2). Now where it gets weird is when browsing the library in offline mode, the song count is correct (Screenshot 3).

When looking into the logs, it does seem like every song is successfully being added. So I’m not really sure where the discrepancy comes from regarding the song count.

➜ cat debug.log | grep -c 'Verbose/Subsonic: Insert Song:'

Just to be clear, there are 2372 songs in my library according to both Naivdrome and Plex, so I’m quite confident 2372 is correct number in my case. So I’m just wondering, why are there “3 missing songs” in offline files view?




Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

You are probably facing a Navidrome default configuration issue.

By default Navidrome reports fake filename that does not take in account track number. So it’s possible that on some albums 2 songs report the same filename, and so Symfonium is smart and only offline cache 1 since it’s the same.

Next Navidrome release will have a fix (but will require you to sync again the whole library :frowning: )

See Tracks with same name are overwritten when syncing for another solution but that will also require that you resync your whole library :frowning:

TL;DR: Navidrome returns invalid data that leads to different files being seen as the same.

You’re exactly right, enabling “Report Real Path” in Navidrome and resyncing fixed the issue. Thanks for the info!