Tracks with same name are overwritten when syncing

Issue description:

When an album has two tracks with the same name, the track later in the album overwrites the first one. Also, when they both are trying to download at the same time it seems to keep stepping on itself and errors out on both downloads.

I had synced this ablum from my Navidrome server and noticed that when track 4 started playing it was actually playing track 13. Looking at the details of the tracks show they were both written to the same file since the track number wasn’t included in the file name.


Here’s a log when trying to sync both track 4 and 13 at the same time: (6.5 KB)

Well this is actually a Navidrome issue it returns the same path for both media so they are supposed to be the same file. Seems they do not return the actual path but create a fake one based on the meta data.

Unfortunately this needs to be reported to them and fixed by them too.

I don’t really have a way to workaround this that late in production as it would break all the cache for all existing users :frowning:

Ah, roger that. I didn’t realize the path was being returned like that from Navidrome. I will open a bug report on their side then.


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Please give feedback on their answer if they refuse to fix saying it’s also a breaking change for them

I was trying to gather more information before opening a bug report and I found reference in the code to a setting to tell Navidrome to report the real path of the media file. I found and enabled that setting in the Player settings and that fixed the problem for me. As I expected, I had to re-download everything that I had synced before since the reported file paths for everything had changed but that wasn’t a big deal.


Hopefully this will help anyone else who runs into this problem.

Thanks for your reply, @Tolriq!

Yes the name of that option implies it would fix this, nice finding thanks for the details.