Ignore 'The' and 'A' prefix when sorting Album Artist

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It would be really helpful to have an option to ignore ‘The’ and ‘A’ when sorting Album Artist. I have a lot of artists alphabetically showing under ‘The’ (e.g. The Stone Rose, The Rolling Stones, etc) and it would be nice for these to be sorted their respective names, ignoring the prefix. Thanks.

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I guess reading and filling the template is reallyyyy hard :wink:

It’s already there. Use the sort name sort.

It doesn’t make a difference as it still bundles all the artists starting with ‘The’ under ‘T’, regardless of changing the sort method. Best wishes, Charles

If you had filled the template I would not have to ask again so for the fun …

What provider?
Have you left the option ignore articles enabled in the settings?

Logs ?

Thanks for reply. All my music is local storage on SD card. The ‘ignore articles’ is enabled. I only started using the app today so jot familiar with logs. I’ve been using Neutron and looking for an alternative so would like to purchase this after the trial.

Everything is documented

There’s template that explains how to open issues and make proper feature requests.

Provide logs during a sync then sorting the list via the proper sort.

And of course for the record it’s a sort name but the normal name is still shown :wink: