How do you delete local music songs

Issue description:

How do you delete files if you can at all, i been struggling for half an hour to find a way…

With that i mean local android songs. Thank you.



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You can’t. There’s many cases where it’s not possible and I don’t want to deal with users who delete file by mistakes.

@Sevaaru, you have to delete the files from your Android device through a file explorer app (or by connecting it to your PC) and afterwards sync again im Symfonium.

Hello. Great app. I’ve read a couple of posts about not supporting deleting files from a device and understand the rational. Although I’ll say this is the only feature I think is missing to make this the perfect music app.

Does anyone know of a third party file management app (preferably android or mac) that can display the song ratings set by Symfonium so I can delete one and two star rating song files?

I use to do this with iTunes. I’ve tried giving a song a rating in Symfonium and then moving it to iTunes but the rating doesn’t seem to follow???

Thanks in advance

Symfonium does not change the file tags for the same reason. (And many file format do not support ratings at all).

So this is not possible currently. When using Media Store it would be possible on Android 11+ to have something relatively secure for the users with no delete permission and a system dialog confirmation.
But for all the other cases this is not possible currently.

And it’s getting harder and harder for each Android release.

thanks for your quick reply. I see if I click on the three dots of a file it shows the file source. Could I suggest a possible feature enhancement to include a button to show this file with whatever the default file manager is. This would at least allow users to delete music in a roundabout way. iTunes/music have this in the context menu when you right click.

Unfortunately this does not exist on Android, specially with both the SAF / MediaStore.

At some point I might create another helper app for such things and tag editing, but this is low priority.