Handover to UPnP does not retain track position on Kodi

Issue description:

Handing over mid-song from local playback to a UPnP renderer starts the current song from the beginning. Handover the other way round (from UPnP playback to local) does retain the position correctly.

I only tried with Kodi UPnP, but experienced the same with other UPnP rendererers before as well. I think in the past this worked as expected.


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Kodi UPnP is broken for resume. Confirm and provide logs for another one please.

You can and should use the normal Kodi renderer. (But that one is broken on resume too)

Just tried and was not able to reproduce with a different renderer. It seems I got that impression because on handover, the position seems to jump back a second or two, and if you do that right after the beginning of a song, the song seemingly starts from the beginning.

But mid-song it is obvious that it works correctly with a different renderer.

Why is the normal Kodi renderer preferred? I thought it does basically the same as long as passwords are disbaled on Kodi side. Also the UPnP renderer does show correct song info on Kodi, while the plain Kodi renderer does not.

Well yes if you have removed the password and don’t have the Yatse addon installed UPnP may seem better.
But Kodi gapless will be easy to do, UPnP less and pretty sure it’s broken for Kodi.

UPnP does not have a resume concept so it’s a play wait for start seek, Kodi renderer do support resume (but is broken ATM)

Yes, I did not check out the Yatse plugin, but will do so soon.