Half star rating system for local files/provider

Feature description:

Half star rated songs info would be stored in symfonium database instead writing or overwriting files metadata

Problem solved:

It’s not a problem but this can helps to keep more organized people music collection/library

Brought benefits:

Many people would love a local music player with this feature

Other application solutions:

Plexamp have this feature, they stored all data in their servers I guess but i prefer Symfonium over plexamp cuz plexamp lacks on synced lyrics page, the multi artist feature and Symfonium is much more customizable (thanks for that, you are doing a great job)

Additional description and context:

I hope you can read well my request, English is not my native language

Screenshots / Mockup:


Why do you need half stars over just full stars that are already preset.

Half stars would let us rating with “accuracy” our music library just like musicbee or plexamp, I would prefer rate starting from 3 stars then 3.5, 4, 4.5 and 5.
Why people would have 1 or 2 stars songs in their libraries? Searching in multiple forums from different music players and music forums I think many people will be happy with this feature.

So you want to use 5 rating steps for your songs, but it should not be 1-2-3-4-5 because 1 and 2 look bad? :wink:

It’s not about looking good or bad , it’s about organization, with a half star rating system people will have 10 options to rate their songs instead just 5, it would be more “accurate” than the actual full stars system